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Toronto Student Community
FREE TICKETS: Photo & Video Expo 
1st-Oct-2012 10:55 pm
Just sharing this out there, since I only have few photo/video loving friends.
Got this from a colleague:

Lucky Bride provides Wedding & Engagement Planning & Photography. Our team includes
Image Consultants, Wedding Planners, Fashion & Lifestyle Photographers, as well as an Officiant.
Since we are the choice wedding Photographers OF Photographers of all levels,
we are giving away FREE all-access pass tickets to

EXPOSURE Photo & Video Imaging Expo.

Oct 12-14th in Toronto (International Center) & Nov 6-18th in Ottawa

All you have to do to get your complimentary ticket (valued at $20)
1) LIKE our Facebook Fan Page

2) Send us a Private Message on Facebook
(tell us where to email your digital ticket, just Print & GO!
Have Fun!



any camera nerds want to meet up/be friends?
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